CSS Extensible classes

    For the bootstrap css and components, please check the Bootstrap 3

    This file's css is generated by LESS files. you can use the less.php to output the css. There are many Variables, Mixins you can use.

    Use FontAwesome font icons, over 369 icons with version 4.0 and more will be added in the future, check FontAwesome for more details to see how to use and examples

    animate.css is a bunch of cool, fun, and cross-browser animations for you to use in your projects. Great for emphasis, home pages, sliders, and general just-add-water-awesomeness. do not use animate css to an element which contains the dropdown-menu, it will cut the edge.

    animate.css on landing page: you can add animate css on the dom element when it appear in the viewpoint. <div data-ride="animated" data-animation="fadeInUp" data-delay="250"></div>

    Colors use less file to build your colors

    8 default color palettes, build colorful widgets. you can open the less/app.variables.less to config your own colors(@brand-primary, @brand-success, @brand-warning, @brand-danger, @brand-info, @brand-black, @brand-dark, @brand-light).

    You can use the mixin wariant. use .color-variant and .font-variant to build the color scheme, check more details in the less/app.colors.less.








      1. .bg-info




        use .vbox(vertical box) and .hbox(horizontal box) to build the web application layout. you can build the complicated layout as you want.


        hbox is a horizontal wrapper that you can put columns in it. you can put <aside> and <section> in it.

        <section class="hbox"><aside class="aside-lg"></aside><section></section></section>

        you can use .aside, .aside-sm, .aside-md, .aside-lg to set the width of an aside wrapper. also you can use the Bootstrap grid system, like .col-6, .col-7...

        .stretch box has the 100% height. <section class="hbox stretch"></section>


        vbox is a vertical wrapper that you can put the row in it.

        <section class="vbox"><header class="header"></header><section class="w-f"></section><footer class="footer"></footer></section>

        .w-f means this vbox have a footer

        .flex vbox let you put a flex height of the header/footer.

        <section class="vbox flex"><header></header><section><section><section></section></section></section><footer></footer></section>




        Application layout

        you can use the .app on the html tag to build the app layout <html class="app"></html>

        Support three nav styles on mobile, "Pull down", "push left", "push right"

        Pull down

        use data-toggle="class:show" data-target=".nav-primary" to trigger the nav pull down in the header

        off screen push left

        use data-toggle="class:nav-off-screen" data-target="#nav" to trigger the off screen nav


        use data-toggle="class:nav-off-screen" data-target="#nav" to toggle back in the body

        off screen push right

        use data-toggle="class:nav-off-screen push-right" data-target="body"


        Button size (Specific button size)
        .btn-s-xs width:90px
        .btn-s-sm width:100px
        .btn-s-md width:120px
        .btn-s-lg width:150px
        .btn-s-xl width:200px
        .btn-rounded rounded button
        .btn-icon square icon button
        Vertical align (When you use the .hbox you can use these classes on the aside)
        .v-middle vertical align: middle
        .v-top vertical align: top
        .v-bottom vertical align: bottom
        .m margin: 15px
        .m-xs margin: 5px
        .m-sm margin: 10px
        .m-md margin: 20px
        .m-lg margin: 30px
        .m-n margin: 0px
        .m-l margin-left: 15px
        .m-l-xs margin-left: 5px
        .m-l-sm margin-left: 10px
        .m-l-md margin-left: 20px
        .m-l-lg margin-left: 30px
        .m-l-xl margin-left: 40px
        .m-l-none margin-left: 0px
        .m-l-n margin-left: -15px
        .m-l-n-xxs margin-left: -1px
        .m-l-n-xs margin-left: -5px
        .m-l-n-sm margin-left: -10px
        .m-l-n-md margin-left: -20px
        .m-l-n-lg margin-left: -30px
        .m-l-n-xl margin-left: -40px
        .m-r (margin right) , m-t (margin top) , m-b (margin bottom) have the same classes as the .m-l.
        .b-a border:1px solid @border-color(see app.variables.less)
        .b-l border left
        .b-t border top
        .b-r border right
        .b-b border bottom
        .b-light, .b-dark, .b-primary, .b-success, .b-info, .b-warning, .b-danger, .b-black, .b-white border with specific color.
        .b-2x border width with 2px
        .b-3x border width with 3px
        .r border-radius: @border-radius-base
        .r-l border-radius: @border-radius-base 0 0 @border-radius-base
        .r-r border-radius: 0 @border-radius-base @border-radius-base 0
        .r-t border-radius: @border-radius-base @border-radius-base 0 0
        .r-b border-radius: 0 0 @border-radius-base @border-radius-base
        Padder and Wrapper
        .padder padding-left: 15px; padding-right: 15px
        .padder-v padding-top: 15px; padding-bottom: 15px
        .padder-md padding-top: 20px; padding-bottom: 20px
        .padder-lg padding-top: 30px; padding-bottom: 30px
        .no-padder padding: 0
        .wrapper padding: 15px
        .wrapper-sm padding: 10px
        .wrapper-xs padding: 5px
        .wrapper-md padding: 20px
        .wrapper-lg padding: 30px
        .wrapper-xl padding: 50px
        .text-u-c text uppercase
        .text-l-t text line through
        .text-u-l text under line
        .text-ellipsis display text in one line with ellipsis
        .text-center-xs center text only on extra small devices
        .text-left-xs align text left only on extra small devices
        .text-right-xs align text right only on extra small devices
        .item-overlay overlay the element on an item, default display:none, with '.active' class will show
        .opactiy background with transparent
        .gd background with gradient
        .top top element on a item element
        .bottom bottom element on a item element
        .center center element on a item element
        .img-full width: 100%
        .thumb-lg width: 128px
        .thumb-md width: 64px
        .thumb width: 50px
        .thumb-sm width: 48px
        .thumb-xs width: 38px
        .avatar circle photo
        status status, '.on', '.off', '.busy', '.away'
        status position status position, '.right', '.bottom'
        status size status size, '.sm', '.md'

        Components Lightweight components to best practice on mobile

        It's easy to change a dom class by click on another dom element.


        Add data-toggle="class:className" and data-target="#target" to a link or button to toggle a class.

        Toggle the background

        Shift js let you change the dom which have different position from mobile to desktop, it avoid to use duplicate elements.


        Add data-toggle="shift:insertBefore" and data-target="#target" to the dom that you want to shift.

      2. Put me before "Usage" on mobile
        <div class="shift" data-toggle="shift:insertBefore" data-target="#shift-target">
                  Put me before "Usage" on mobile

        it also support data-toggle="shift:appendTo", data-toggle="shift:prependTo", data-toggle="shift:insertAfter"

        Bjax let you load page via ajax method


        Add data-bjax to a link or button.
        data-url load content url
        data-target load content to a target element
        data-el just get element from the loaded content
        data-replace replace the location

        Load Me Load 页面 Element Load 页面
      3. Load 页面 Element

        Change the button state when click on it. add .text .text-active

        With icons

        Support radio and checkbox dropdown select


        add .dropdown-menu class on dropdown-menu.

        <div class="btn-group">
                <ul class="dropdown-menu dropdown-select">
                    <li class="active">Option1</li>
                    <li class="disabled">I'm disabled</li>
        <div class="btn-group">
                <ul class="dropdown-menu dropdown-select">

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        Use response.js to support IE8 media queries and html5.js to support html5 markups.